Saturday, September 13, 2008

Los Latinos

Los Latinos is the story of five sexy Latino couples who just can't get enough of each other. In the first scene we have Victor and Kaio, hot and sweaty after a bike ride through the city. They park their bikes but just can't get enough of having a huge piece of heavy equipment between their legs, so they stop down to their jockstraps and have hot steamy sex right there in the garage. Kaio is so sexy and smooth with a beautiful tattoo and he works Victor's tool until he rams it deep in his gut. Some mutual jacking off makes sure they are both well lubed and oiled by the end of the video. Next we have James and Alexandre being comfy on a love seat, where they get into some hot rimming, a little spanking and finally some awesome fucking. Later we have Mauro helping his buddy Bruno out with some workout tips. These tips involve holding the weights just right, making sure you lift properly and saying thank you when your workout buddy dives head first onto your painfully erect cock. Forgetting about the workout these two get into some 69 action, rimming, making out, very athletic fucking and a nice, hot steamy facial. Slutty Mauro didn't get enough of his workout buddy so he heads over to his other buddy Vagner's place where he convinces him to let him go down on him. It's not long before Vagner is giving Mauro's face and then his ass a nice big helping of his huge cock. And finally, Victor returns, this time with the adorable Dominic who just can't get enough of his cock and ass, giving him an electrifying blowjob and rimjob and getting rewarded with a hot as fuck ass ramming.

Brandon James

Brandon James with his massive muscles, handsome face, gorgeous tattoos and modified mohawk shows you just how much fun sex toys can be!

Johnny and Lucky

Johnny Angel has only ever kissed another guy before. Watch hottie Lucky Daniels give him his first ever experience blowing and getting blown.

Sean and Giamani

Sean Everett is back in fine form as he gives Leo Giamani his first piece of Randy Blue man ass. This one's got a climax you won't want to miss!

Bareback Video

Asian Boy Toys

Leather Fuck

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Gabriel Shams

Gabriel Shams showcases his gorgeous body with his lush body hair, adorable face and long beautiful cock.

Monday, September 8, 2008

James and Trent

I can't believe I haven't put James Hawk and Trent Davis together in a video yet. This one is well worth the wait. These guys have outdone themselves!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Customer Service

When a hot Asian twink goes out for dim sum, the special of the day becomes apparent when the waiter shows up wearing nothing but his underwear and an apron. Onlookers are welcome and jerking off at your table is expected in one of the sexiest eateries in town. The waiter also offers some really amazing customer service in the men's room. Meanwhile an adorable guy gets his bill and offers the waiter a tip he won't soon forget. And finally, when a thirsty guy approaches the bar asking for a drink, the bartender misunderstands his order of 'a nice tall one with lots of head'. You can expect plenty of dick sucking, rimming, uncut cocks and hot Asian sex in this look at the wildest restaurant ever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Melon Balls

Melon Balls is the story of two boyfriends who's romance has gone out of their relationship. Still, some sex is better than no sex and they manage to have a hot sexual encounter on the kitchen counter, obviously brought on by the watermelon they were cutting up. That night they both have erotic dreams about hot, steamy sex that you get to watch in all its glory. A horny three-way with lots of cocksucking, fucking and gobs and gobs of cum. The next morning the couple wakes up to realize that when it comes to sex, there's no place like home. Rekindling their relationship they fuck like wild animals, bring passion back into their hardcore fun and really getting into it. Asian Twink sex at it's finest.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pool Tools

When the owner of the house is away, the pool boy will play. He's invited five of his hot, Asian twink friends to come over for a swim. The first two arrive and sun themselves while playfully splashing water on their beautiful smooth dark skin. Pretty soon the guys go in and the suites go off. Three more sexy twinks arrive and pretty soon all are immersed in the cool water on a hot summer's day. After a bit of splashing and fun the guys decide to relax for a while and when one goes to take a quick bath, he's followed by a friend who wants more. He blows his friend and then flips over, offering his hot ass. Two others hop in the jacuzzi and things really start to heat up. The guys make out in a really hot kissing scene where the one licks and sucks all over the other one's mouth, face, neck and nips. Then he lays him down on the edge of the jacuzzi and gives him a good fucking. Meanwhile, two other twinks find their way inside and have hot steamy sex on the couch in a variety of positions. And finally, the pool boy gets to lay his favorite out of the bunch. A hot blowjob in a cabana near the pool that leads to some really hot sex. Then they all take a dip in the pool to cool off again.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Bananas are back. And I'm sure you know by now when we say Bananas, we mean the huge meaty bananas that hang betweek the legs of some of the hottest guys in Brazil. Our story begins with Jorge Ervet, a sexy Brazillian guy with a nice pelt of chest hair, waiting for his hot, hunky friend Charles to arrive. Charles is late so to make it up to him, he gives him a nice long blowjob, which isn't easy considering the size of his gargantuan cock. He then rams that magestic piece of uncut meat into Charles' tight little hole, eventually unloading a nice pile of sticky jizz all over his back. Later on we see the adorable twink Jeferson having computer problems. He calls his friend Manuel in for servicing, but it's a lot more than just his computer that needs serviced. Meanwhile, Felipe is hanging out at a local bar, and by hanging out we mean his gigantic dick is hanging out of his shorts. When Pero, the adorable waiter, comes by, he gives him the special of the day, a nice deep throat blowjob with a hot bottom for Felipe to bury his cock in. Joam gets to work at his restaurant job just in time to seduce Luis, the dishwasher. Getting an ass and mouth full of nice thick cock is much more fun than doing dishes anyway. And finally, sexy soldier stud Bernaldo makes a booty call to his fuck buddy Carlos to alleviate the bordem of a rainey day. His monster sized cock is just the thing for a hungry bottom.